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I am always deeply honoured to be commissioned to create a piece of glass for a client. It displays a level of trust that is humbling to receive. Afterall, you can discuss ideas, look at images, ponder colours together, but as with any creative endeavour, there is always that element of interpretation that may, or may not, be what a client had in their head.


Recently, I have been pleased to create pieces to commemorate graduations, new homes, silver and golden wedding gifts and something for those going overseas. I have also just been asked to create a very unusually themed wedding cake topper for a wedding in 2016 - now that is trust!


I am aware that each of these pieces marks a special occasion or event in the life of the commissioner and enjoy both the challenge of creating something unique and the satisfaction when that individual piece is collected and the client expresses their pleasure in the finished piece. 

Not a true commission, but helping guide some beginner students in creating a large panel to cover a window overlooking a brick wall.

This zesty platter, the inspiration for a new range of homeware called Zest for Life, is a silver wedding gift.

From a young man to his long-term partner, in recognition of her support during their time together. The pink and blue hanging hearts represent their two children. 

These ice creams were destined for a window display in a jewellery shop - a great trip down memory lane for those of a certain age.

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