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At its simplest, fused – also known as kiln formed – glass is where individual pieces of handmade speciality glass are cut to represent elements of your design. This is then “cold-worked” or finished on a range of power and hand tools, before being cleaned and layered in the kiln in readiness for firing.


A full fuse – where all layers of the glass melt together to become a single smooth piece –  requires the kiln to be fired in carefully controlled stages to a top temperature of around 840ºC. It is held at this temperature for a specific amount of time before the temperature is reduced, again in a controlled manner, until the kiln turns off at around 370ºC.

The kiln cannot be opened until it has cooled naturally to around 40 ºC. Opening the kiln before this temperature risks causing thermal shock – when the glass cracks due to the difference in temperature between the external air and the glass itself.

Other types of kiln formed glass include putting images into glass; painting on glass; 3D forms such as drop vessels and more sculptural pieces; plates, platters, coasters and other homeware.