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I'm Jane, and I am a glassaholic! I have been working with glass for over 30  years - first in stained glass and, more recently, as a fused glass artist. 

I am absolutely passionate about the vibrant colours and rainbow effects that glass gifts us - whether it's the uplifting feeling you get when you see light coming through a transparent piece, casting rainbows on the floor; or the awe felt at the skill of blowers, painters,  casters and lampworkers. I adore glass in all its forms and love to share its joy with others.  

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My Story

A Touch of Glass is owned and run by glass artist, Jane Ducarreaux. Jane's passion for glass has been a lifelong one, having been surrounded by glass since birth. Both parents worked in the glass industry - her father as a master glass blower, her mother as a glass finisher. Having tried many crafts before finally finding fused, also known as kiln-formed glass, Jane is passionate about the versatility of glass and the uplifting nature of what can be produced.


Says Jane, "When designing any piece of glasswork, be it a large panel or a small ornamental piece, I am a great believer in not over-designing but in letting the beauty of the glass do much of the work. Often the most successful pieces are those that let the drama of the rich colours combine with stylised design to create an eye-catching impactful display.  Of course, ultimately I am guided by the wishes of my clients and the location in which each piece is going to live but being able to discuss ideas and use my experience to deliver a special piece is really fulfilling."

Jane is always keen to add to her skills and has studied with a number of well-known international glass artists including Amanda Simmonds (drop vases), Marguerite Beneke (enamels), Paul Messink (layered glass panels), Tanya Veit (fused glass jewellery), Kelly Crosser Alge (scraffitto), Richard Parrish (tapestry) , Erna Piechna (screen printing) and Tim Carey (Painterly Portraits in Glass). 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Feel free to give me a call if you have an idea you would like to discuss. 

07738 017313

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